Monday, February 23, 2009

Hello Everyone

This is my first attempt at writing a blog. Not being a shy person I thought it would be easy, however, I see that this will be quite something different for me to embrace. Imagine - opening your heart and ART to all of "YOU" out there. Well in any event, here goes....the following is a short introduction as to who I am.

It's a cold February morning. As I look out the window, I see remnants of snow and ice on the rooftops glistening and dancing like white diamonds against the morning sun. It's a bit of a paradox for in spite of the radiance of the sun, one can still see and feel the grayness of the city; winter does that to New York. The city is rather quiet today due to the extreme cold. As I'm gazing out the window, it's in this solitude that I begin to reminisce about the past. I wonder how I arrived at this point in my life....Rima, Mixed-Media Artist.

I was always the artsy one in the family - playing with crayons and coloring books, and those finger paints were the best. Sometimes there was more paint on my face than on the paper. I loved coloring my face with large clown-like red circles on my cheeks and to this day, some of my mixed-media heroines are also adorned with those same rosy patches. During my high school and college years, I seemed to gradually leave behind my attraction for the visual arts; however, the creativity was always there and my energies were positioned toward the dramatic arts and writing. My journals during those years read like the perennial soap opera - after all with youth, the sense of drama and writing behind me, I was off and running. After college, my life became quite hectic since I was teaching grammar school, pursuing a theatrical career, and studying for my masters. Little did I know that my catharsis was approaching and it was soon time to get off the merry-go-round.

Upon the death of my father, I became quite depressed and disconnected. He was my "mon pere," my rock, my sanctuary, my advisor. I prayed a great deal for counsel and after some time it was revealed to me....I was going in the wrong direction. I was no longer playing and experimenting with art - something was empty inside and my soul wasn't breathing, singing or smiling.

Always being drawn to and fascinated by beautiful homes and real estate, I decided to enroll in the New York School of Interior Design, and it was there that I truly recognized my talent in putting things together in a pleasing and artistic manner. I soon began my own business and the clients slowly increased. But once again, something wasn't clicking. I took a short course in decoupage and it was at this point that I realized not only was the sense of color, composition and original designs my forte, but I also needed to "WORK WITH MY HANDS;" after all these years the light bulb flickered and I knew then that I needed to keep not only my creative juices flowing, but it was vital to actually implement these designs with my own hands. It was at this point where I had to leave my days of manicured hands behind.

I'd now like to reveal to you and have you walk through a small part of my secret door. I do enjoy interior design - it's a fulfilling accomplishment to see a totally empty space come to life so beautifully because "you" figured it out. However, if you have the kind of personality that I do, it is difficult. I was designing someone else's home - ultimately, it was the client who made the final choice and invariably they usually chose the fabric, cabinets, sofa, etc. as "my" second or third choice. You must give your client a choice, he is paying and it is "he" in the end that pushes the choice button, well I didn't do very well with that outcome. I was a professional and I knew what was best, but in the end it was "their" home.

It was at this point, while browsing one day in my local stamp shop, that I saw propped upon the shelves several gorgeous magazines, with covers that blew me away. "What was this?" I began perusing through the pages and immediately became inspired. The magazines were Altered Arts magazine and Somerset Studio. Where had I been and why hadn't I seen these magazines before....huumm guess I spent too much time in the Interior Design section. While flipping through the pages my mind and heart told me, "Rima, you could do this." My heart began beating faster, feeling the creative rush that came upon me and I sensed the joy I was feeling at last. I could cut, I could paste, I could paint, I could assemble, I could build and I could create whatever "I" wanted. With my heart racing rapidly, my eyes filled with tears for I knew I had finally found my way; I was home.

In August of 2005, my first mixed-media artwork appeared on the pages of Somerset Studio and I've graced their pages many times thereafter. I sell privately to a small coterie of clients and I've sold at various art fairs and on Ebay. In 2008, I submitted several art pieces to Altered Arts magazine for their Design Team call. Much to my surprise and total joy, they chose me to join their team and what a red letter day that was for me to be a part of such a fine aesthetically produced publication, thank you Altered Arts! I work every day, even if it's just for an hour; my finger always has to be in that creative pot, just as it was so many years ago as a child. Making art is my joy in life, it feeds my soul. My art helps me define who I am; it encourages me to be a better person in my everyday life, and I constantly see all the colors of the rainbow in everything I do. I've decided that after all, it's never too late to be what you might have been.

The following are just a few examples of what I have created . This is a small sampling of my earlier the weeks and months to come I will be posting some tutorials and some of my more recent pieces.

Below is a picture of "Milady and Her Adornments"...this is the piece that I referred to in the above introduction. I submitted it to Somerset Studio and on my first submission, it was chosen...I almost flipped!!

This canvas is a 14 " x 18" collage on canvas called Grace.

This next canvas is also a 14" x 18" collage on canvas and this one is called "Gypsy in My Soul."

Thanks for visiting my blog ....hope to see you again soon!!